How to Close Apps on Apple TV?


This article is written to completely guide on how to close Apps on Apple TV by end users. As these apps are not very common in use. However, Apple TV provides users with an exciting entertainment experience that allows users to access various apps for games, movies, TV shows, games, and so on. Apple TV is just like any other gadget having a list of apps on TV. This outrage of apps sometimes makes the television unresponsive and freezes the screen as result users all to do is to close them. This article will guide you on how to close apps on Apple TV effectively, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience. To make it simple and easy for users we have gathered all the processes in this article. If you understand the basic points of Apple TV as shared below your life becomes so comfortable using Apple TV.

Apple TV Interface: what u must Know?

The Apple TV feature is a user-friendly interface based on the app layout. These Apps are displayed in a grid-like formation and allow easy access to different services and features. To navigate through the apps and settings, you can use the Apple TV remote or the Apple TV app on your iPhone. This is a very simple open-source interface enabling different features on a single screen. The interface is friendly in the sense that a layman user will use it with ease and understand the basic genre of using apps on TV. The concept behind this mechanism is very simple to replicate the android based user interface. This is a very simple technique but needs some basic understanding that how to close apps on iPhone or Apple devices. The steps are very simple prompt base commands through remote or push buttons.

Why Would You Want to Close Apps on Apple TV?

This very simple question that why we need to close apps on Apple TV and how this can be beneficial for various reasons. As it is observed that some apps often freeze the Television programs or become totally unresponsive or in a few cases affect the overall performance of the device. Additionally, closing unused apps can help optimize memory and ensure smoother multitasking. Chache memory will be free and the device has more active memory and space to function smoothly. IT tech is so exciting and diverse that it is creating another world of entertainment and ease. But these technologies are sensitive too in the sense that they need a proper understanding of the features. To Close apps seems simple but if you have no idea how to close apps on Apple TV, believe me, your life is all the mess.

How to Close Apps on Apple TV have simple steps below

Method 01. Restart Apple TV?

For many application-based devices restart is the one of common blessings. As Restarting Apple TV is a simple yet effective way to resolve minor performance issues like other devices. To restart your Apple TV, follow these steps:
Step 1. Using the remote, navigate to the “Settings” app on the home screen.
Step 2. Select “System,” then “Restart.”
Your Apple TV will now restart, and any temporary glitches or app freezes should be resolved.

Method 2 Force-Closing Individual Apps

Another simple but effective method is to forcefully shut down the app or device. If a specific app becomes unresponsive, you can force-close it without affecting other running apps. Here’s how to do it:
The simple steps are as below
Step 1. Double-click the TV button on your Apple TV remote to open the app switcher.
Step 2. Swipe left or right to locate the troublesome app.
Step 3. Once the app is highlighted, swipe up on the touchpad to force-close it.
Step 4. Force-Closing All Apps at Once

Method 3. , force-closing all apps

In some cases, force-closing all apps at once can be beneficial, especially if multiple apps are causing issues. This is common on other devices, To close all apps simultaneously you need to follow below steps:
Step1. Double-click the TV button on your Apple TV remote to open the app switcher.
Step 2. Swipe up on the touchpad with two fingers to close all open apps.
Step 3. Troubleshooting Common App Issues on Apple TV

Method 4 Apple TV App Not Working and you want to Close the app

If the Apple TV app itself is not working correctly, try the following steps:
Step 1. Check for any available software updates for Apple TV and the Apple TV app.
Step 2. Restart your Apple TV as described earlier.
Step 3. If the issue persists, contact Apple Support for further assistance.

Method 5 How to Log Out of Apps on Apple TV and Close Apps on Apple TV

If you wish to log out of a specific app on Apple TV, follow these steps:
Step 1. Open the app you want to log out of.
Step 2. Navigate to the app’s settings or profile section.
Step 3. Select the option to log out or sign out.

How to Close Apps on Apple TV
close Apps on Apple TV

Method 6 Restarting an App on Apple TV

If an app is behaving erratically or you encounter issues while using it and want to close the app, you can try restarting the app:
Step 1. Close the app using the steps mentioned earlier.
Step 2. Open the app again from the home screen.
Step 3. Closing All Apps on the Screen
Step 4. To close all apps currently open on the screen, follow these steps:

Method 7 TV button on your Apple TV

Step 1. Double-click the TV button on your Apple TV remote to open the app switcher.
Step 2. Swipe up on the touchpad with two fingers to close all apps visible in the app switcher.
Step 3. Tips for Optimizing Apple TV Performance
Step 4. To ensure your Apple TV continues to perform at its best, consider the following tips:

Regular Software Updates

Always keep your Apple TV’s software up to date. Software updates often include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features.

Clearing Cache and Temporary Files

From time to time, clear the cache and temporary files of apps. This can help free up storage space and improve performance.

Managing App Usage

Avoid keeping too many apps open simultaneously. If you are not actively using an app, close it to optimize system resources.


Q1: Can I restart my Apple TV without using the settings menu?
A. Yes, you can restart your Apple TV by pressing and holding the TV button and the Menu button simultaneously for about six seconds. The Apple TV will then restart. This will decrease the chances of data loss and device damage.
Q2: Will force-closing all apps delete any data or settings?
A.No, force-closing apps will not delete any data or settings. It simply terminates the app’s processes and allows you to reopen it fresh. There is no risk or harm in this to the device and app itself.
Q3: How often should I check for software updates on Apple TV?
A. It’s a good practice to check for software updates on Apple TV at least once a month to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes. Often most of the apps remain inactive according to your current activity you need to close the running apps for smooth functioning of the device.
Q4: Can I use my iPhone to force-close apps on Apple TV?
Yes, you can use the Apple TV app on your iPhone to force-close apps. Open the app switcher and swipe up on the app’s preview to close it. This is a very secure and easy step to continue your apps running on your device. No risk of memory or data loss.
Q5: Will force-closing apps on Apple TV save battery life?
A. The current A. TV doesn’t have a battery like a mobile device. However, force-close apps on Apple Tv can help optimize performance and prevent any potential app-related issues. Just you have to follow the instructions and steps as guided above in this article.


In conclusion, knowing how to close apps on Apple TV is essential for maintaining a seamless and enjoyable entertainment experience. Whether you need to troubleshoot an unresponsive app or optimize your device’s performance, the methods described in this article will undoubtedly prove useful. Nowadays everyone is inclined to have iPhone or Apple device as smart tech. However, few are familiar with the technology used and the interface adopted. Most applications are user-friendly as the user interface is focused on developing the application. Many of tech experts either are limited or concerned about the consequences of low familiarity with the application usage. This article helps you to identify potential challenges and steps that how to close the app in a desktop.

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